A couple of years back I attended a workshop by one of my favourite United Kingdom wedding photographers David Pullum Probably the most memorable images of his repertoire include the photo of the bride attempting to catch a falling wedding cake with the groom grinning on oblivous and the awesome frenetic dancing shots he takes at Jewish weddings.

The presumptive rhetoric question. Why write a review so long after attending?

For me, the main selling point about David Pullum’s workshop was that he was offering to critique images of weddings shot by all the attendees at his workshop. I felt at the time that a critique would be rare opportunity for my work to be scrutinised by something at the top of their game as it were. Too, after contacting David and he recommended that attendees brought unedited shots from an actual wedding shot, gave me reassurance in an odd way that he was more interested in substance than style.

The workshop was held over two days. The first part of the first day involved David talking about his background and his approach to wedding photography both in terms of tools, technique and business. The latter part of the first day involved David looking at and criiquing our websites. One thing I should mention is that David took us out for a meal in the evening. Very unexpected and very nice.

The seconds day was the

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